Pinterest Analytics Tools & Tips for Measuring Success

Pinterest analytics tools help you track way metrics around how people are interacting with your brand on Pinterest. Having this data lets you refine and improve your Pinterest marketing efforts. Analytics can also provide you with invaluable audience insights, which you can use to further optimize your strategy.

Here is our guide to using Pinterest analytics, including a carefully curated selection of tools.

Benefits of Pinterest analytics

Meet your social media goals

Like any social network, you cannot just jump in and start posting willy-nilly. You need a realistic Pinterest strategy, complete with the aims you want to achieve. These goals underpin your whole strategy. They determine what audience you target, what content you post, and what form that content will take and tone it will use.

Pinterest analytics lets you measure whether or not you are achieving your aims on Pinterest, helps you demonstrate how Pinterest contributes to your overall social media return on investment (ROI).

Keep tabs on the competition

The main benefits of social media are how public it is, which makes it easy to see what your competition is up to. You could use Pinterest analytics to dive deeper & quickly identify your main competitors on the network by seeing which other brands your audiences engage with.

By then reviewing these competitors’ Pins, you could see which content your audiences likes and responds to, use those insights to build up a complete picture of your audiences that will help you to compete for clicks & eyeballs.

Get actionable website insights

Your Pinterest strategy should be aligned with your overall social media marketing plan. Pinterest analytics let you gather insights you could use to improve your website based on how people interact with the Save button. You can also track which content from your website is shared on Pinterest by people using the Save button to add the content to Pinterest.

Track referral traffic from Pinterest

A common aim of any social media campaign is to drive traffic to your main website. Pinterest analytics could tell you exactly how much referral traffic you’re gaining through Pinterest. This could help strengthen your case for using the network/when asking for more marketing budget or resources, as well as highlighting where you need to make improvements to drive more traffic.

Make better content

Your success on Pinterest, as with all social media networks, largely depends on making high-quality content that your audiences want. Pinterest analytics let you understand how people interact with your Pins, which enables you to duplicate successful content, cut what is not working, and further optimize what’s.

Understand your audiences

Pinterest analytics also provide insights that could help you to not only refine your strategy but better understand your customers in general.

With Pinterest, you could access detailed demographic data about your audience to help you understand who they are & what interests them.

The unique visual nature of Pinterest—and how it is as much about discovering new things as searching for something particular—lets you build up a complete picture of who your customers are. That helps Pinterest more than pull its weight as part of your social media strategy, contribute to your overall business goals in a meaningful—and highly visual—way.

The next section can show you how to put this into action and track your Pinterest analytics.

Metrics to track with Pinterest analytics to measure success

Pinterest analytics let you track & measure specific things to determine how your Pins are performing & ultimately impacting your bottom line.

While there are overlaps, the different metrics you could track for each of the Pinterest analytics sections are outlined below.

Pinterest profile analytics

This is how the content of your actual Pinterest Boards & Pins is performing.

  1. Impressions

What it measures: The number of times your Pin showed up in the Home Feed, search results, & category areas. The more content your pin, the more impressions you’ll get.

Why it matters: An impression is a view of the content. It gives you an idea of how many people your content is reaching & lets you assess its effectiveness by tracking how many people then click on it.

  1. Repins

What it measures: The number of times Pin has been saved to somebody else’s board.

Why it matters: Sharing is caring. The ultimate measure of how good the content is if someone considers it worthy of sharing with followers, which also helps you attract new followers. By identifying your most repinned content you could gain insights into your audience’s likes & needs, and use your findings to optimize what you create & share going forward.

  1. Clicks

What it measures: The number of times someone clicks through to your website via a Pin.

Why it matters: Clicks are a serious measure of social ROI. When someone clicks through to the website from your pinned content it means you have grabbed their attention to the extent that they need get to know you better.


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